About Body Restoration: Body Restoration  is a boutique fitness studio offering group and private fitness sessions that focus on restorative and integrated movement, mobility and pain-free living.

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Owner Doreen Puglisi, of Basking Ridge, has spent 25 years in the health and fitness field as both an educator and a practitioner -- teaching educational seminars all over the world as a result of the Pink Ribbon Program, a therapeutic exercise program for breast cancer survivors, which she created. She keeps her focus on helping others attain better and more robust health through movement, flexibility, balance and strength.

Body Restoration offers a full schedule of group classes that include Pilates, Life Stretch, (re)barre, Pilates/Suspension/Resistance Band training, as well as Bounce 45. Visit for full description of each class.

Medical programs through Body Restoration are intended for those suffering from medical conditions such as heart disease, obesity, hyper-tension, or arthritis, diabetes, cancer, or those who are looking to prevent future health problems. The Dr. Fit programs offer custom designed one-on-one personal training sessions while adopting healthy behaviors to improve your quality of life.