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Pediatric Chiropractic Treatments Support Overall Children's Health and Wellness

April 9, 2021

CLIFTON, NJ -- Dr. Michael Magwood, family chiropractor and founder of Pure Balance Center, spoke with TAPintoTV about his work with babies and children. As part of his practice, Magwood works with people of all ages, including younger children and infants. 

Magwood often consults with new parents about trauma their child may have experienced at birth to determine a course of treatment.

NJ Family Chiropractor Uses Specialized Torque Release Technique to Treat Chronic Conditions

CLIFTON, NJ -- Dr. Michael Magwood, family chiropractor and founder of Pure Balance Center, spoke with TAPintoTV about some of the chiropractic practices and tools he uses, such as the Integrator, an adjusting instrument with unique and dynamic properties.  

“What makes the Integrator unique is that it creates an impulse, and the impulse will be provided at a constant ...

Healthcare Distribution Expert Provides Insight Into National Vaccination Effort

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV’s Brian Brodeur spoke with Patrick Kelly, the Executive Vice President of Government Affairs for the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, about COVID-19 vaccine distribution both across the country and in New Jersey, including the recently-approved Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine.

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) is the ...

Pure Balance Center Offering Discount Voucher for Complete Chiropractic Health Screening

CLIFTON, NJ - Dr. Michael Magwood is a family chiropractor and founder of Pure Balance Center, with facilities in Clifton, New Jersey and Manhattan. For a limited time, Pure Balance Center is offering a discount voucher for a complete chiropractic health assessment, which can be redeemed online here: Click for Pure Balance Center Discount Voucher

Magwood's clients benefit from a range of ...

NJ Orthodontist Launches State-of-the-Art Facility Providing Patients with Exceptional Care

PARSIPPANY, NJ -- TAPintoTV recently visited the brand-new facility of Caggiano Orthodontics and spoke with founder Dr. David Caggiano, who took us on a tour of their new center, highlighting the many improvements to enhance their patients’ safety and comfort. 

“I had a vision of what I wanted to build and what I wanted my patients to experience,” Caggiano said. Upon ...

National Organ Donor Day: CEO Joe Roth Speaks About the Life-Saving Mission of NJ Sharing Network

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer, Brian Brodeur, was recently joined by Joe Roth, President & CEO of the NJ Sharing Network, a non-profit organization which promotes and procures organ donation across the state of New Jersey and beyond. 

February 14th, besides being Valentines Day, is also National Organ Donor Day. Organ donation is crucial “to save ...

Valentine's Day: Learn About the Origins and History of the Annual Day of Love

LITTLE FALLS -- Valentine’s Day is widely known as the day of the year when love is celebrated, and indeed, February has been a month of romance for centuries. The St. Valentine’s Day we observe today evolved both from ancient Roman and early Christian history.

There are many legends about who St. Valentine was. One story dates from the third century A.D. Apparently, Emperor ...

What do YOU Do to Stay Healthy? Dr. Michael Magwood of Pure Balance Center

CLIFTON, NJ --  "What do you do to stay healthy is one of my favorite questions to ask someone," said Dr. Michael Magwood, Family Chiropractor and Founder of Pure Balance Center. 

Magwood, whose centers are located in New York City and Clifton, NJ, loves to ask people about their personal outlook and wellness. Most often, people tell Dr. Magwood that they used to ...

AJ Perri Installing Indoor Air Purifiers that Kill Coronavirus in Air and on Surfaces in the Home

TINTON FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV’s Brian Brodeur speaks with Kevin Watson, Manager at AJ Perri, to learn about the company’s new indoor air scrubbers proven to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 and which are now available for home installation. 

AJ Perri is a major provider of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services to households across New Jersey.

How to Survive Political Discussions at Your Next Family Holiday Gathering

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Clinical psychologist Dr. Meryl Dorf sat down with TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer Brian Brodeur to provide strategies on how to negotiate potentially difficult political discussions at family holiday gatherings.

Dr. Dorf joined Brodeur at East Main Media Studios’ studio facility earlier in 2020, after being featured several times on TAPintoTV via Zoom. East ...

How To Survive Political Discussions During Divided Times

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Clinical psychologist Dr. Meryl Dorf spoke with TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer Brian Brodeur to highlight strategies to help navigate potentially difficult political discussions with family and friends during hyper-partisan times. 

Dr. Dorf joined Brodeur at East Main Media Studios’ media production facility in Little Falls, NJ, after being featured ...

METAvivors of NJ Co-Founder Shares Personal History and Struggle with Metastatic Breast Cancer

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Tami Bowling, Co-founder of Metavivors of New Jersey, spoke with TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer, Brian Brodeur, about the upcoming “Light Up MBC” event, which takes place virtually and in-person on Tuesday, October 13, 8pm EST. Bowling also spoke about her own personal history and struggle with metastatic breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC), ...

World Mental Health Day: NJ Psychologist Discusses Resources to Cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV spoke with Clinical Psychologist Meryl Dorf, to help those having difficulty handling the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. With October 10th being World Mental Health Day, we look to Dorf to provide guidance for navigating the uncertainty a crisis like this can bring. 

“It’s an ingredient of a stressful situation and when it becomes bad, it ...

METAVivors of NJ Light Up MBC Event Illuminates Landmarks and the Need for Cancer Research

Tami Bowling of METAvivors of NJ joined TAPintoTV Executive Producer, Brian Brodeur, via Zoom video conference to discuss their upcoming “Light Up MBC” event on October 13 at 8pm. 

METAvivors of NJ is a local chapter of the national organization, METAvivors Research and Support, which raises funding and awareness around research of Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, or ...

Psychologist Meryl Dorf PhD on Managing Anxiety During Times of Stress and Disruption

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV looks back to our conversation with clinical psychologist, Meryl Dorf, Ph.D. about how we can maintain our mental health and manage anxiety during times of stress and uncertainty. 

“There’s a lot that we can’t control and spending our time thinking and worrying about that fuels the anxiety,” said Dorf, “but focusing on ...

NJ Tai Chi Founder Harry Legg Demonstrates the Health Benefits of the Ancient Martial Art

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Harry Legg, Founder of New Jersey Tai Chi, joined Brian Brodeur, TAPintoTV Executive Producer, at East Main Media Studios to discuss and demystify the practice of tai chi, while also demonstrating some of the martial art’s moves in the studio. 

“Most people may not realize tai chi is a deadly martial art,” said Legg, “but you might wonder how ...

West Orange Tennis Club Serves Up Socially Distant Sports for Kids and Adults

WEST ORANGE, NJ —TAPintoTV Host Stephanie Willoughby spoke with Mike Smookler, Manager & Director of the West Orange Tennis Club, the largest tennis facility in New Jersey, about how tennis can be a way to stay both active and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The facility has both indoor and outdoor courts, pickleball, instruction, teams and tournaments for children and ...

Expert Health and Wellness Advice for Remote Workers from Author William Smith

LITTLE FALLS, NJ — Author and health expert William Smith spoke with TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer Brian Brodeur about some of the challenges people are facing as more employees are working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Though remote work had been a growing trend for several years, COVID-19 has certainly sped up that evolution. Smith said that in 2020, half of the U.S.