KENILWORTH, NJ - Please see the following information for the March Calendar from the DPW.

The DPW will collect curbside RECYCLING as follows:

North side: March 2nd, 16th & 30th   

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South side: March 9th & 23rd

For missed collections, or issues, please call 908-276-5073.

Please use the RECYCLECOACH app on your smart devices for daily reminders of all Borough collections.

Vegetative Waste will be collected every Wednesday. This includes branches, tree parts, grass, leaves, etc. All vegetative waste must be placed in 32-gallon containers, or in brown paper lawn and leaf bags for curbside collection. Large branches should be cut into 3 ft sections. NO PLASTIC BAGS.

The DPW yard is open M-F, 6:30 to 3 pm. It is also open on March 6, 8 am to noon. The yard will be open on the first Saturday of EVERY month, for recycling drop-off only, 8 am to noon. NO pizza boxes or Styrofoam, and ONLY #1 & #2 plastics. When in doubt, throw it out. We also accept used motor oil and electronic waste (computers, etc.).

Residents may pay a $35 per-unit fee for White Goods.  This includes the disposal of stoves, washing machines, water heaters, and dryers.  There is also a $35 fee for items containing Freon or other refrigerants, such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, etc.   

Residents may pay a fee, per unit, for the collection of Bulky Waste items listed on the Borough’s price list on the Borough website.

Please contact Kathi Moschitta, Deputy Borough Clerk, to make payments and arrangements for white goods and bulky items, at 908-276-9090. 

All information is available on the Kenilworth Borough website.  Go to and click on “Public Works.”

You may reach the DPW office with any questions, inquiries, or problems at 908-276-5073.