SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Hydrant flushing will begin in the township on Monday, October 5. The South Brunswick Water Division will be conducting the flushing of the water mains between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The process will take about six weeks to complete according to information posted on the South Brunswick Township website by Water Department Supervisor Tim Lesko.

Flushing will begin in the area near Broadway Road and continue towards the Dayton sections of the township before heading towards Davidson's Mill Road. Monmouth Junction and the sections of South Brunswick Township along Route One will be done next. The progression will then work through Kingston, Kendall Park and Brunswick Acres. The areas of Wood Gate, High Gate and Princeton Manor will be completed last. According to Lesko, the section of Kingston that is serviced by the New Jersey American Water Company will not be flushed by the South Brunswick Water Division.

Residents are advised to keep water use to a minimum during flushing areas because they may be some water discoloration. The water discoloration will be short-lived and does not impact the quality or safety of the water according to information provided by the South Brunswick Water Division. Residents can contact the South Brunswick Water Division for additional information about the upcoming hydrant flushing process by telephoning 732-329-4000 extension 7270 or extension 7226.