COCHRANTAN, Pa. — A 30-year-old daughter of Secretariat is ready to come home to Bright Futures Farm but she could use a little help with her cab fare.

Trusted Company was born on Valentine’s Day 1989 at Stone Ridge Farm in New York. Her race career was nothing like her famous father’s, in fact she only ran once and only beat two other horses in a field of 12. She was then retired to broodmare duty and produced nine registered foals. Her last foal was born when Trusted Company was 17.

A few months ago, Company’s owner found she could no longer care for her and other horses. The owner wanted to ensure a safe home for the elderly mare and she was signed over to Bright Futures Farm. “She wanted to find Company and two other horses that were not easily adoptable a home — but it had to be a good home, or she would euthanize them — which is the right decision to make. If you can't be sure it's truly a good home that can meet the needs of an elder, then the right decision is to euthanize rather than put the horse in a precarious position with a stranger,” said Bev Dee, executive director of Bright Futures.

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The farm focuses on elder equine care. Bright Futures was also the home of a son of Secretariat, Fast Market who passed away recently at the age of 33. He had lived at Bright Futures for 16 years. Fast Market is featured in the 2019 calendar, "Secretariat's Living Legends" a collection of photos of Secretariat's offspring. His last foals were born in 1990. It was Patricia McQueen, the photographer who created the calendar, put her in touch with Bright Futures.

Company has been in foster care for a few months with the neighbor who had helped the owner place other horses, but soon it will be time for her to move to her permanent home, to live out the rest of her days.

“Company is healthy, bright, alert, and should make the transition to her final home relatively easily. She will be moving sometime in the next few weeks. I'm just waiting for some dates from the transport company.  She'll have a huge box stall so she can move around and will be traveling in an air ride van with a camera on her at all times,” Dee said.

The cost of shipping will be $975.

To help with transportation costs or Company’s future care, PayPal a tax-deductible donation to, with a note "Company's Move." Checks can be sent to Bright Futures Farm, 238 Old Franklin Pike, Cochranton, Pa. 16314

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