CREAM RIDGE, NJ — The Standardbred Retirement Foundation's (SRF) 12 Days of Giving campaign runs until Dec. 24.

More than 400 trotters and pacers are under SRF's full care and expense, help is needed and gifts are tax-deductible:

1. Senior feed for a month for 1 of the very golden oldies - $125 each. There are more than 80 over the age of 24. They need as many friends as they can get! Choose a horse from the website or let them choose one for you!  

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2. Fill the hayloft for a month for the fillies and mares at the New Jersey location - $850

3. Hoof trim for one, $35, or for one for 2019 (every 6-8 weeks) seven in 2019 - $245.

4. Fill the hayloft for 1 month for the geldings that just love to guard the fillies and mares - $1,200

5. Retire one of our companions to your farm, a priceless gift for the horse, or sponsor one at our farm in any amount monthly.

6. Because SRF now has a 35% increase in the number of horses it has under its expense and care, one Mac desktop computer is needed. Refurbished $950 (All of SRF's computers are near ready for retirement).

7. SRF's aging laptops have already been turned out to pasture. Two down, one left. If just one can be replaced it would be immensely helpful. - $1,100 Refurbished.

8. Sponsor the favorite visit from the dentist, average is $50 a year.

9. A heavy-duty cross-cut shredder for privacy - $200.

10. Become SRF's special sponsor for the Elitlopp fund raising trip in May -$4,000

11. SRF's horses live long healthy lives in fields with sheds, so preserving hay by using hay racks saves a great deal, and keeps the bossy horses from the sweet and meek so all can keep their bellies warm this winter! Six hay racks are needed - $249 each

12. Winter Newsletter Sponsor! Keeping in touch with all is very important, sharing the accomplishments, enlightening all with facts, seeing the loving transformations of the great warriors in need, and highlighting those in awesome homes and new lives. Please a full or partial sponsor of $1,000-$4,000.

Need a gift giving idea? Sponsoring a horse is perfect! Who needs another ugly sweater anyway? Any amount monthly, or one time makes a great gift and if it totals more than $250 SRF will send a sweatshirt to your favorite person.

To make a tax deductible gift please contact Tammy at 609-738-3255; you can also visit SRF's website at  please make a note in your payment, or mail to: SRF, 42 Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd., Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

About Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Standardbred Retirement Foundation provides human care and services for horse in need of lifetime homes, and in crisis. Through rehabilitation, training, adoption, life-long follow-up or life time sanctuary and offering therapeutic equine opportunities for children and adults.

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