Somerset, Burlington Win New Jersey 4-H Horse Bowl Contests

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WESTHAMPTON, N.J. — Young equestrians squared off in the New Jersey 4-H Horse Bowl contests on Feb. 23.

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In the Senior division Somerset County came out on top while Burlington County won in the junior division.

The competition pits teams of four members in head-to-head questioning. The fastest to buzz in gets to answer.

The 4-H members won’t be putting their books away, however. They are now studying for the state Hippology and Horse Judging contests to be held the first weekend in April in Gloucester County.

The Equine Arts show was also held in conjunction with Horse Bowl. Somerset’s Leigha Giranda took home the best in show prize.

Horse Bowl Results:


1st place team — Somerset — Shay Fleming, Leigha Giranda and Linda Cuykendall

2nd place team — Burlington — Morgan Puglisi, Kayleen Kollasch, Emilie Matznick, and Evan Vasile

3rd Place team — Warren A — Gracie Klimas, Alissa Monetti, Sarah Chaplain and Devon Meshach

4th place team — Warren /Sussex — Carly Studt, Kazzandra Higgins, Brittany Smith and Olivia Santini


1st place team — Burlington — Abbey Schneider, Blake Garber and Evelyn Evans

2nd place team — Ocean B — Grace Leavitt, Alex Morgan and Lacey Jernstedt

3rd Place team — Middlesex/Sussex — Bella Fernandez, Sofie Torres, Grace Mackey and Alex Clark

4th place team — Salem — Megan Brooks, Katie Hrychowian and Kylee Clanton

Senior High Point Individual

1, Fleming, Shay, Somerset

2, Rockhill, Caroline, Atlantic

3, Puglisi, Morgan, Burlington

4, Smith, Brittany, Sussex / Warren

5, Giranda, Leigha, Somerset

6, Drake, Erin, Middlesex / Salem

7, Monetti, Alissa, Warren A

8, Piparo, Christina, Hunterdon A

9, Matznick, Emilie, Burlington

10, Jarowicz, Lauren, Hunterdon A

Junior High Point Individuals

1, Schneider, Abbey, Burlington

2, Garber, Blake, Burlington

3, Fernandez, Bella, Middlesex / Sussex

4, Brooks, Megan, Salem

5, Leavitt, Grace, Ocean B

6, Jernstedt, Lacey, Ocean B

7, Hansen, Nora, Ocean A

8, Goushy, Amalia (Amalia), Monmouth B

9, Hryckowian, Katie, Salem

10, Clanton, Kylee, Salem

2019 New Jersey 4-H Equine Arts Show

Best In Show — Leigha Giranda, Somerset County

Junior 3-D — — 1 Kaycee Clanton 2 Ava Hort 3 Kylee Clanton

Junior Flat — 1 Anthony Paolello 2 Sarah Noz 3 Georgia Fraser 4 Sarah Naz 5 Sarah Naz 6 Eden bingel

Junior Art Champion — 1 Anthony Paolello 2. Kaycee Clanton

Junior Photo 5th Grade — 1 Bailey Passalaqua 2 Bailey Passalaqua 3

Junior Photo 7th Grade — 1 Kaycey Clanton 2 Kacey Clanton 3 Grace Leavitt 4 Grace Leavitt 5 Grace Leavitt 6 Alex Morgan

Junior Photo 8th grade — 1t Kyra Huebner 1t Nora Hansen 2 Lacey Jernstedt 3 Nora Hansen 4 Nora Hansen 5 Nora Hansen

Junior Photo Champion — 1 Kaycee Clanton 2 Kyra Huebner

Senior Art 3-D Ceramics/sculpture — 1 Jillian Tozer 2 Kate Pantelione 3 Erin Drake 4t Kate Pantelione 4t Jillian Tozer 4t Jennifer Volkening

Senior Art 3-D Champion — 1 Samantha Ingerson 2 Erin Drake

Senior Art 3-D Craft — 1 Gwen Moran

Senior Art 3-D Metal — 1 Kate Pantelione 2 Kate Pantelione

Senior Art 3-D Paper Mache — 1 Erin Drake 2 Erin Drake

Senior Art 3-D string art — 1 Makayla Beuchman

Senior Art 3-D Wood — 1 Samantha Ingerson 2 Jillian Tozer 3 Jillian Tozer

Senior Art Flat Champion — 1 Jordan Paelello 2 Sophia Born

Senior Art Flat color — 1 Sophia Born 2 Helen Newberg 3 Alexa Cook 4 Emma Bacon 5 Gwen Moran 6 Emma Bacon

Senior Art Flat Pastels, Chalk etc. — 1 Erin Drake 2 Erin Drake 3 Erin Drake 4 Erin Drake

Senior Art Flat Watercolor — 1 Jordan Paelello

Senior Photo 10th Grade — 1 MacKenzie Esposito 2 Jordan Paolelleo 3 Mackenzie Esposito 4 Ashley Giddes 5 Jordan Paloello 6 Amanda Sisco

Senior Photo 11th Grade — 1 Riley Chenowith-Hafner 2 Riley Chenowith-Hafner 3 Riley Chenowith-Hafner 4 Hannah Bonaventura 5 Hannah Bonaventura 6 Riley Chenowith-Hafner

Senior Photo 12th Grade B&W — 1 Leigha Giranda 2 Legha Giranda 3 Leigha Giranda 4 Erin Drake 5 Leigha Giranda 6 Erin Drake

Senior Photo 12th Grade Color — 1 Hunter Morgan 2 Legha Giranda 3 Leigha Giranda 4 Leigha Giranda 5 Hunter Morgan 6 Hunter Morgan

Senior Photo 9th Grade — 1 Skylar Cooper 2 Lianna Trebour 3 Liana Trebour 4 Alexa Cook 5 Lianna Trebour

Senior Photo Champion — 1 Leigha Giranda 2 Hunter Morgan

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