PARSIPPANY, NJ - Weinberger Law Group recently hosted an event advocating and educating people around the state about domestic violence and the legal system.

Bari Weinberger, founder and partner of the firm, hosted the event with a clinical psychologist, a clinical social worker and a representative from the battered women’s shelter. The event, which was held at the East Hanover Ramada Inn, focused primarily on how to correctly assist victims in the process of filling out and
receiving temporary restraining orders.

“It’s the right to be safe,” said Weinberger. “You want to fill out the info correctly so it doesn’t come back to bite you in the long run.”

People from all over the state representing many different organizations attended the event. Professional women’s organizations and shelters were the primary focus, but school guidance departments and MBA programs for social work attended as well.

“I’m there for the same objective and goal that they’re there for, so it’s good for us to collaborate to make the system work,” said Weinberger.

Weinberger said the most important thing is that victims are able to fill out temporary restraining orders correctly so that court proceedings go smoothly. Often times, victims are nervous and cannot contemplate filling out forms. According to Weinberger, it’s important for court officials to know how to help.

“It’s important for the administrator of the court to understand what the technicalities of the form are," she said. “The more aware they are, the more likely true victims are going to get the protection they need.”

Weinberger said she was excited about the turnout for the event and that people were eager to learn about the system. She was happy to inform people about things they may not know, like financial services for those victims who apply for temporary restraining orders.

“So many people want the education,” she said. “That’s what I appreciate about it. They want to fill out the form right.”

Weinberger hopes to have the event annually to better educate people on the legal process regarding domestic violence. For more information about domestic violence or Weinberger Law Group, please visit