New Jersey Date Night is a series on NJ Flavor by relationship writer Craig Rogers.

In the course of time there have been a variety of catch phrases aimed at relationships. From being in a LAT relationship (Living Apart Together) to conscious uncoupling, couples from Sparta to Trenton and everywhere in between are subjected to a variety of labels and tag lines. The latest relationship buzz phrase on the block is “social distancing,” a phrase we’ve all learned in light of the steps we’re now taking due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Can we still enjoy a date during a public health emergency? The answer of course is “yes,” but differently. Start by making yourself aware of the many food services available to you. We found some options that are both tasty and health-conscious, so you and your significant other can have fun and feel good during these stressful times.

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Get ready for a New Jersey Date Night that begins with the ring of the doorbell!

Keeping it Clean

Not only does Clean Eats Meal Prep give you so many tasty options, but they give you meals specifically designed to be low carb, gluten free, vegetarian or Keto. Based in Haledon, Clean Eats Meal Prep makes choosing so easy — all you and your date have to do is to check out their menu and start ordering. 

You’ll have a lot of choices, including 101 Chicken (grilled chicken breast with a side of smashed cauliflower and steamed green beans) and turkey meatloaf (handmade turkey meatloaf with sautéed brussel sprouts and smashed parmesan cauliflower). Be sure to check out their “treats” menu, featuring protein brownie balls (protein-packed brownie balls infused with white chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle).

For more information on Clean Eats Meal Prep, visit

Date Night, BRO

When health is the question, Eat Clean BRO is an answer worth considering. Located in Freehold Township, Eat Clean BRO will deliver tasty, healthy meals to your doorstep with choices ranging from begetarian to Under 500 calories. If you and your date are really hungry (or want to be sure you have some leftovers) you might want to consider ordering from their Mean menu — high-protein, gluten-free dishes with no preservatives or added chemicals. 

Choices include spaghetti and meatballs topped with slow-simmered tomato sauce and grated parmesan cheese (only 680 calories!) and Simple Steak 2.0 (grilled top sirloin over herb-infused brussel sprouts and sweet potato hash with a side of smoky cilantro rouille). Be sure to save room for the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (made with ECB gluten-free flour mix).

For more information on Eat Clean Bro, visit

Portion Perfect

Deliciously Fit in Hoboken is the place to go for healthy meals with amazing flavor. Serving up nutritional dishes in perfect portions is their mission, and your mission is to simply make some choices … and it’s not as easy as it sounds. 

Perhaps you’ll want to try their turkey chili (ground lean turkey seasoned with chili powder and paprika with diced sautéed peppers, onions, garlic and shallots) or Miami Heat (chicken with southwestern ranch and diced turkey bacon with chopped jalapeños). End your meal with some baked D-Fit Donuts.

For more information about Deliciously Fit, visit

Keeping it Fresh, Directly

Sometimes you want to be the chef, so instead of ordering delicious ready-to-eat meals you can order the ingredients to make your own masterpiece. Fresh Direct is the perfect option to get groceries without interacting directly with other people.  From paper products to porcini mushrooms, read your recipe, make your list and let them do the shopping!

For more information on Fresh Direct, visit

Not Too Distant Future

With coronavirus being a front burner story on a worldwide scope, there’s no doubt that social distancing has a place. We also hope that that before you know it the threat will be over and we’ll resume normal programming. When that eventually happens, it’s important to remember that a little social distancing is, at times, a good thing for relationships. Couples taking a little break from the world to focus on each other are the ones who enjoy a happy and healthy partnership. It’s all about healthy now because of a virus, and it’s up to you to continue the healthy and happy tomorrow.

Craig Rogers is the guy who gets relationships write. Author of The 49th Challenge, Craig has written countless articles on dating, relationships and breakup recovery. To learn more about Craig, visit

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