There’s nothing like a nice crispy salad to make eating well feel like fun, but the right dressing can mean the difference between so-so and spectacular.

Below, gather a few ingredients together and whip up some easy new dressings that will make your salads sing:

Zingy Lemon Vinaigrette: In a jar, combine one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil. Add a dab to a spoonful of harrisa,* depending on how spicy you like it. Close lid and shake well until combined.

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Avocado Balsamic: In a jar, combine one part balsamic vinegar with three parts avocado oil. Close lid and shake well until combined. Stir in salt and pepper to taste.

Creamy Asian Sesame: In a bowl, whisk together two parts rice vinegar, two parts canola oil, one part soy sauce and one part tahini sesame paste until creamy.

*Harrisa is a chili pepper paste popular in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine. Look for it in jars at your supermarket.

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