New Jersey Date Night is a series on NJ Flavor by relationship writer Craig Rogers.

Being known as the Garden State is a moniker that needs to be celebrated, and a nod to produce grown and products made in New Jersey can make a date night really special. 

We grow corn, we grow grapes and other fruits … and we have some really smart New Jersians possessing the skill sets necessary to transform produce into some of the finest wines and spirits in our country.

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You and your date are going to love visiting a vineyard or a distillery, sampling some of New Jersey’s finest beverages. And when you post pics on your social media, friends will admire your great taste.

Get ready for a New Jersey Date Night you’ll want to give a shot!

Jersey Made with Jersey Ingredients

When it comes to vodka you might think Russia or France, but your mind will go straight to New Jersey when you give Tree City Vodka a taste.  Located in Kenilworth, this distillery prides itself on using 100% Jersey-grown corn. The combination of their recipe, their custom state-of the-art equipment and their passion leads to a product that’s smooth and flavorful. 

Tree City Vodka’s tasting room is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and by appointment Friday through Sunday. While there, you can try your favorite cocktail with Tree City Vodka or try their vodka drink flight. For more information about Tree City Vodka, visit

Fresh Air, Fresh Flavor … all Jersey

Spending a day on the grounds of a vineyard is a beautiful backdrop for a date, and at Cream Ridge Vineyard in Cream Ridge, you’ll be just as blown away over their assortment of wines made from Jersey-grown grapes. You and your date will have some serious choices to make, ranging from their reds to their dessert wines. 

For something a little different, try their Jersey Berry, which is their chardonnay with a hint of New Jersey-grown cranberries. If you like rosé, you’re going to love their catawba, which pairs fantastically with an outdoor picnic of cheeses. 

For more information on Cream Ridge Vineyard, visit

A Flavorful Way of Learning Something New

Getting crafty on a date just took on a whole new meaning thanks to Jersey Spirits Distillery Company in Fairfield. Jersey Spirits Distillery Company is a true craft distillery creating ultra premium small batch spirits including bourbon, rum and vodka. Every batch they produce is handcrafted with Jersey pride. 

From their Barnegat White Whiskey to their DSP.7 Equinox Gin, you’ll be impressed with the quality and flavor. In addition to their tasting room, another great date idea is to try one of their mixology classes or an infusion class, proving that a date night can be fun, flavorful and educational!

For more information on Jersey Spirits Distillery Company, visit

Welcome to the Garden Date!

If you want your date to end understanding exactly why New Jersey is known as the Garden State, Fox Hollow Vineyards will leave zero doubt in your minds. Located in Holmdel and owned and operated by the Casola Family, your first taste will teach you that this family knows how to make wine. 

What sets Fox Hollow Vineyards apart is their passion for and knowledge of farming. Their stellar abilities in both skills have resulted in numerous awards for their wines, including the 2018 Governor’s Cup for their 2015 Autumn Harvest — Best Vinifera White Wine. Be sure to check out their menu for some tasty bites to enjoy while wine sipping. 

For more information about the Fox Hollow Vineyards, visit

Two Tastes, One Flavor

Chances are high that you and your date will have a blast tasting New Jersey wines and spirits, and chances even higher that each of you will have different favorites. The beauty of relationships isn’t in the disagreement but in the combination and coexisting of two different tastes.

As individuals, we each bring our own special tastes to a relationship and your uniqueness is most likely what made your partner fall for you. Combining two tastes to create one outstanding flavor is what makes an exceptional, one-of-a-kind couple. Differences in taste should be cherished, never criticized. 

Luckily for you, your date will end with a kiss celebrating your flavor as a couple as you load a case of your favorite New Jersey beverages into the back of your car.

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