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Opinion: Camden Enrollment helps families access the right choice for them

February 15, 2021

Like so much of the conversation in America right now, the debate around reopening schools has devolved into polarized factions, with one camp focused on the utmost level of safety, and the other increasingly concerned about student learning loss. 

But behind the politics lies one essential truth that should unite all families:  decisions around schools are deeply personal, and ...

Opinion: The GCL Line is a Transportation Necessity for South Jersey

I live within a stone’s throw from the Conrail tracks which carry long, speeding freight trains past my house every day and night. When I first moved to my home, I had some concerns about the trains. 

Today, like with the sound of airplanes soaring low to land in nearby Philadelphia, I hardly hear the noise. 

Many of my neighbors say the same. 

In approximately ...

Opinion: 3 Ways the Camden City School District Can Get Long Term Planning Right

In my new role as executive director of Parents for Great Camden Schools, I have the privilege of talking to families about their hopes and dreams for their children. 

The mission of our organization is in its name: we want to empower parents to advocate for great Camden schools.  

When you ask parents what a “great” school is, you’ll hear a variety of ...