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Boulevard Veterinary Clinic Pet of the Week: Abbey

September 21, 2020

KENILWORTH, NJ – Meet Abbey Kenilworth's TAPinto Pet of the Week!

Abbey is a 1.5-year-old Red Headed Pomsky. Part Siberian Husky, part Pomeranian (100% Honey Badger:) She loves long walks and terrorizing turtles and ducks at Nomehegan Park. She loves cookie dough Blizzards from Dairy Queen, Nutter Butter Cookies, and doesn’t eat her vegetables. Her claim to fame ...

Boulevard Veterinary Clinic Pet of the Week: Bob

KENILWORTH, NJ – Meet Bob Kenilworth's TAPinto Pet of the Week!

This is our cat, Bob Argentieri. He’s approximately four years old. We rescued him when he was just a kitten after a bad street fight with another cat. Bob enjoys meowing loudly at 4 am, sleeping most of the day, and laying in the window staring at birds and squirrels taunting him. He also ...

Boulevard Veterinary Clinic Pets of the Week: Leonard

KENILWORTH, NJ – Meet Leonard Kenilworth's TAPinto Pet of the Week!

Leonard is a four-year-old rescue from Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway New Jersey. He is a mix of German Shepard, Lab, and Hound. He is my buddy on my long rides to Brearley where he spends his days at Happy Tailz Daycare. Lenny likes to visit the kids at school on days when he gets to and ...

PHOTO GALLERY: Piscataway Celebrates National Dog Day

PISCATAWAY, NJ — It was all about showing our favorite canine companions lots of love Wednesday on National Dog Day.

Founded in 2004 by pet advocate Colleen Paige, every Aug. 26 National Dog Day celebrates all breeds and encourages adoption.

In honor of the 2020 National Dog Day, readers were invited to share an adorable, funny, or charming photo of their furry ...

Piscataway: Share Your Pictures and Celebrate National Dog Day

PISCATAWAY, NJ — Piscataway loves their dogs, and it shows! 

National Dog Day is August 26, a day celebrated each year to bring attention to the plight of animals and to encourage adoption.

“National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed breed and pure,” according to the website, 

“Our mission is to help galvanize the public to ...

Boulevard Veterinary Clinic Pets of the Week: Luciana and Petunia

KENILWORTH, NJ – Meet Luciana and Petunia Kenilworth's TAPinto Pets of the Week!

These are our two Havaneses Luciana and Petunia. Luciana is six and Petunia is two. Just like children, they are completely different from one another. Luciana is more relaxed, where Petunia is our little spitfire! They love to play together and enjoy cuddles from their human sisters, my ...