EAST HANOVER, N.J.- On Tuesday, July 17th 2018, in the middle of  summer vacation, some of the most important people to our community were spending their summer day training for a real life crisis. Thirty  staff members of the East Hanover School District, including the Districts Principals, Superintendent Natalie Bartlett and the Districts Safety Specialists Principal Kerry Quinn, Principal Stacie Costello, and Vice Principal Michael Calomino took part in Trauma training. The training was conducted by the Morris County Office of Emergency Management and ensured preparedness in response to crisis events such as school security threats and or dangers to the school environment.

This training comes in addition to much preparedness and security that the East Hanover Schools have already put into place. At any given time of day or school year one can view at least one if not more East Hanover Police Officer(s) at each of the EH Schools. Principle Kerry Quinn states that “We have worked over the past several years to ensure that we are using the best technology, resources, and personnel to protect our children and staff during any type of emergency that could occur." The district and Superintendent Bartlett always go above and beyond not just in the school security aspect but in every aspect of the community.  The training also certifies that The East Hanover School District is one of the first school districts to have a team from every building trained in case of a catastrophic emergency. Superintendent Bartlett stated “I am so proud to of our staff for doing this”. This training was all thanks to the Morris County Office of Emergency Management, our very own Chief Chris Cannizzo, along with the East Hanover Police Department.

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