CHATHAM, NJ - A presentation asking for a zoning overlay that would allow for 38 luxury townhomes and nine affordable housing units to be built on Main Street was met with opposition by the mayor and Borough of Chatham Council at its regular meeting Monday night.

Scott Bradley of the Bradley Funeral Home and two other Chatham property owners want to partner with AST Development to build 47 housing units on the five properties located between Washington Avenue and Coleman Avenue on the south side of Main Street.

Bradley and the developer, however, never finished their presentation because Mayor Bruce Harris and the rest of the council were unanimous in their opposition to the plan that would call for the destruction of historic homes currently located on the properties. The plan called for those houses to be replaced by a luxury housing structure that would be connected from one end to the other.

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Council member Peter Hoffman, Mayor Harris and council member Thad Kobylarz each voiced their opposition to the plan in the video below

Len Resto said he didn't agree with the plan to do away with the historic buildings in the video below

The Bradley Funeral Home has been on Main Street in Chatham for nearly 75 years and Scott Bradley said the business would have to be relocated if the rezoning for the development was approved.

Bradley's, located at 339 and 345 Main Street, and the funeral home's office at 19 Washington Avenue, would all be razed in the plan presented to the council on Monday.

"My family has three of the five pieces of property and I think the use of the properties is undervalued," Bradley said.

"I'd like to be a partner with them (AST). I'd like to be part of it. It's good for the town. It would be a little bit more of a modern development. I'd like to live there. We need a little more density in the middle of town so that the central district businesses have more people walking into town and shopping."

The portion of Main Street being considered for the development is zoned for businesses. Bradley and the developers are seeking a residential zoning overlay.

Council president Len Resto expressed the sentiment of the council in rejecting the proposed plan when he said: "This is a non-starter in my mind."