YORKTOWN, N.Y. – A centuries old house on Old Yorktown Road has been demolished and a near-identical home will rise in its place, contractor Mark Franzoso told Yorktown News.

Franzoso, of Franzoso Contracting (Croton-On-Hudson), purchased the so-called Adams-Bernstein House from the town a half-dozen years ago, intending to restore it to its former glory. Doing so, however, proved to be both too difficult and too expensive.

After first restoring a barn on the property, Franzoso’s team made its way inside the house. To make it code-compliant, Franzoso said, only 10 to 15 percent of the original home could remain.

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Franzoso, who bought the home for $170,000 in October 2012, said he sank about $35,000 into the structure, on top of the $70,000-plus he spent on the barn, before realizing it couldn’t be salvaged. Members of the town’s building department “suggested I was wasting my money,” he added.

Franzoso reported his unsuccessful restoration to the Town Board in April 2016, telling the elected officials at the time, “I feel awful. I really do.” Three years later, he obtained building permits for the new structure.

“Bureaucracy,” Franzoso said, was to blame for the long wait.

The single-family home will be sold at market rate. Franzoso once considered putting it on the market as an affordable house, he said, but it no longer made fiscal sense.

“It’s going to be a nice home for somebody,” Franzoso said.

The Adams-Bernstein House, named for its builder and former owners, was built in the 1830s. Nearly three decades ago, Helen Bernstein bequeathed the home to the town to preserve as a historic monument for a period of 10 years. The town still owned the property after those 10 years, but the home, neglected, had begun to deteriorate.