The Short Stories Bookshop & Community Hub is not only a place to find a great book for children or adults, it’s also a venue to host a variety of community events. Amongst the vibrant downtown culture, this hub can feature open mics, classes, workshops, book clubs, and art exhibits.

But on November 22nd, a music concert was held in its lobby, known as “Consciousness in Concert,” featuring spiritual folk musician Bob Sima.

Hailing from Annapolis, Maryland, Sima is an award-winning singer-songwriter, spiritual teacher, and musical mystic who has been called “Eckhart Tolle with a guitar.” Though having no musical training, he has released eight award-winning albums and built a big national following. His music is often used in session where he encourages participants’ spirits to be uplifted through the power of music.

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“Sima’s music is definitely very talented,” said Merril Speck, general manager of Short Stories.

“And the concert is wonderful. Part of the mission of the store is to have events like this for the betterment of the Madison community.”

Sima was joined by his wife and singer Shannon Plummer, who has performed on stage with her husband for the last six years. Together, the duo gave a crowd of about 50 people an evening of music that was meant to put them in a relaxed state of mind. The concert was also used a fundraiser for the Center of Spiritual Living Morristown (CSLM), an organization that Sima and Plummer has worked with for many other occasions.

“This is one of the things we love,” said Plummer, whose birthday happened to be on the day of the Short Stories concert.

“Our partnership with CSLM is an ongoing love affair. We’ve received from them as much as we give to them. It’s a way to support the center’s mission.”

CSLM is a metaphysical teaching center provides spiritual guidance and enrichment programs to improve personal lives and the world. The center often has many community events, including their own summer concert series from last year.

“Our mission is to have love in motion and promote positivity,” said Shari Guidos, a Madison resident and chairperson of the CSLM’s leadership council.

“We feel very privileged to have Bob and Shannon here. This is special entertainment to have in Madison and all of Morris County. We’re all looking forward to being uplifted. You should always get in touch with your spirit.”

Music albums and books by Sima were on display and sale, along with an array of refreshments. And for the whole evening, the crowd was pleased by the music that put them almost like in a meditative state.

“They’re a wonderful couple who have a gift that if you’re open to it, it is transformational,” said Jeanmarie Tenuto, from Montclair.

“Their music generates a new awareness for meditation for me. It reaches people in a way they can be reached and bring them together as a community.”

And Sima himself was happy by the opportunity to perform with his wife and pleased by all the reception.

“I love this concert and the space that Short Stories provides for us,” said Sima.

“CSLM is an open-hearted community of people seeking wisdom. I would do anything for them. The center always allows us to do workshops of meditation, breathing exercises and shamanic journeying.”

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