First Congregational Church of Westfield’s “Docs and Dialogue” series continues this fall and winter with two engaging films designed to both raise awareness and generate discussion about their relative topics.

On Monday, Nov. 18, we will view Sarah Feinbloom’s documentary "What Do You Believe Now? – The Spiritual Journeys of American Millennials," where the filmmaker examines what can happen to one’s spiritual and religious beliefs over time.

Seventeen years after her 2002 documentary "What Do You Believe?," six diverse American teenagers shared their spiritual struggles and aspirations, In the follow-up, and focus for our session, Feinbloom revisits them to reveal how their beliefs have changed. In her new film, a Catholic, Pagan, Jew, Muslim, Lakota and Buddhist offer their deeply personal faith journeys, life challenges, and evolving ideas about higher powers, life purpose, the nature of suffering, religious intolerance and death. They do so against the backdrop of a society in flux and amidst growing religious polarization and disengagement. 

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On Tuesday, Dec. 17, the 1997 History Channel documentary "Christmas Unwrapped: The History of Christmas" will be shared. Historian Harry Smith traces the origins of Christmas and how many traditions like candy canes and Christmas trees came to be… from how cartoonist Thomas Nast defined the look of Santa Claus and how Coca Cola featured it to market its product, to Dickens’ classic Christmas Carol and how its moral is interpreted in various societies and cultures. The documentary reveals the rich and at times surprising history of a holiday that has become a pillar of the modern calendar.

All are invited to gather at 7:30 p.m. in First Congregational Church's Patton Auditorium at 125 Elmer St., Westfield, to view and then have a conversation about these films, focusing not just on the central issues addressed by the film, but also the spiritual, Biblical and theological concerns the subject and film raise.

For more information on these films, future “Docs and Dialogue” events, and all FCC programming, call 908-233-2494 or visit