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Anesh, Bengivenga & Wolak: Getting it done, Versus Democrats Failed Attendance Record

October 18, 2018

Mayor Matt Anesh, Council President Rob Bengivenga, and Councilman Joe Wolak, this week discuss the Democrats failed attendance record and how there is a stark contrast between the two teams.

“It is amazing that Democrat candidates Doyon, Keefe and Zwerko have never even attempted to apply for a borough committee, board or commission and at the same time criticize those who volunteer.

Anesh, Bengivenga & Wolak: Surge in business growth holds down taxes, brings jobs

Since taking office, Mayor Matt Anesh has made growing South Plainfield’s economy a priority for his administration.  And the results show it.

“Creating a business-friendly climate is one of the most important things we can do to keep moving forward,” said Anesh.  “It helps hold taxes down, and it creates jobs.”

“When I first ran for council ...

Taxes controlled by the Anesh team remain flat, while taxes controlled by County Dems up 34%

Saying results count, Mayor Anesh, Council President Rob Bengivenga and Councilman Joe Wolak this week urged residents to compare taxes under the Democrats to the results under local Republicans.

“Keeping our financial house in order is my top priority,” said Mayor Anesh.  “The part of the tax bill controlled by the council is flat for the second consecutive year and is ...

South Plainfield is financially stronger & more affordable under Anesh team’s leadership, say independent studies

Mayor Matt Anesh this week pointed to a series of recently released independent studies showing that South Plainfield is continuing to get strong results under his team’s leadership.

Anesh is running for re-election with Councilman Rob Bengivenga and Councilman Joe Wolak.  The three this week cited the reports as further evidence South Plainfield is becoming financially stronger and ...

Anesh, Bengivenga & Wolak get the job done, while the democrats just talk

            South Plainfield – This week Mayor Anesh and his team discuss how the Democrats are once again talking about their plans, but actions speak louder than words.

            Mayor Matt Anesh, along with Council President Rob Bengivenga and Councilman Joe Wolak, want to ...

Anesh, Bengivenga & Wolak: South Plainfield needs to move forward, not backward

            South Plainfield – Saying now is not the time to go backward, Mayor Matt Anesh and his team this week discuss their record of results and the forward-looking agenda they are running on.

            Mayor Matt Anesh, along with Council President Rob Bengivenga and ...


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