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Pam's Senior Moments: Let's Talk About Prevagen

November 5, 2020

There is one topic that seems to always be at the back of our minds as seniors; specifically the way to maintain our memory, and the ability to continue to learn new things. Social media and television advertisements continually bombard us with drug advertisements, memory boosting campaigns and exercise routines that don't seem to fit our lifestyles.

There is one specific ...

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As a leading provider of in-home care and at home senior care services, our expert caregivers provide customized care plans crafted to clients' individual recovery needs and daily living requirements throughout Central New Jersey. Our services focus on elevating the human spirit with meaningful companion care while keeping clients safe at home. 

At Comfort ...

Pam's Senior Moments: A Topsy-Turvy World

Good thoughts are hard to find these days, but as I scrolled through my Facebook posts this morning, I saw a photo of blue-golden trees on a clear dirt road. The trees were leaning over in synchronized fashion. Looking at this picture immersed me in the thought that no matter how challenging our lives have been over the last nine months, there is still hope for us. There is still a reason to ...