ASBURY PARK, NJ -- Burning Kentucky, the brainchild of Writer-Producer-Director Bethany Brooke Anderson, received the award for “Best Narrative Feature” at the 2019 Garden State Film Festival this year.

“I’m from Kentucky, and I was acting for years in L.A.,” said Anderson. “I just didn’t want to wait for people to give me a job, so I made my own job,” she said. “I raised the money, and I wrote the project, and then I got it done.”

The film focuses on a young woman from eastern Kentucky, trying to put together the missing pieces of a mysterious event that killed her family. When she finally learns the truth, she is forced to choose between love and avenging her family.

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“I read the script and wanted to talk to Bethany,” said lead actor John Pyper-Ferguson, who was nominated for Best Performance by the festival. “While she’s telling me this story, I’m like--so, OK, I’m in,” he said. “And, that’s how I got on board.”

“It’s a really humble project that came from really beautiful beginnings,” said Spencer Showalter, the film’s editor. “She brought all these amazing people together that share so much now after the project. It changed every single person’s life involved with it,” he said. “That’s a huge testament, not only to Bethany, not only to the story, but also of course, filmmaking in general.”

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