LITTLE FALLS, NJ & WOODSTOCK, NY -- Brian Brodeur of TAPintoTV spoke with celebrated photographer Elliott Landy via video conference from his home in Woodstock, New York. Landy, who was the official photographer of the 1969 Woodstock music festival, has a new project in the works, a book of photographs called Contacting The Band, a collection of portraits depicting the musicians, The Band. 

Brodeur spoke to Landy about how he got started taking photographs, and Landy described a moment when he was walking down Broadway in Manhattan, and saw something beautiful, but had no means to show it later to others. So, this inspired him to buy a camera, and he began taking pictures. 

Not long afterwards, he quit his office job to pursue photography full time. “I realized that in order for me to exist, I had to do something I liked to do.” 

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Brodeur spoke with Landy via video conference from East Main Studios’ newly-outfitted virtual studio in Little Falls, which was recently reconfigured for working remotely in light of social distancing and stay-at-home orders in New Jersey. The full interview with Landy will be broadcast on TAPintoTV's Sunday morning television show on News 12+ airing at both 11am and 4pm across stations in the New York Metro area.

Landy stumbled onto taking photos of musicians almost by accident. He shared a story about walking home from work one night along Second Avenue when he saw a sign for a “Light Show” by someone called Country Joe and the Fish. He had no idea who or what that was, but he went into the theater where the band was playing, and he was inspired. 

He then started photographing many shows and concerts on the Lower East Side and felt that those photos served a higher purpose. “When I began publishing these music photographs, I felt like I was proselytizing,” Landy explained. “I was inviting people to come and be part of this new way of thinking, this new world, so-to-speak.” 

Once these photos were published, his career took off, eventually leading to projects with Bob Dylan, The Band, and being invited to photograph Woodstock. 

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