ASBURY PARK, NJ -- TAPintoTV spoke with Frank Calo and Cameron Ring about their upcoming film, Awesome Gal, a story of a girl and a horse both escaping abusive situations and embarking on a new journey together.

Cameron Ring, Actor and Co-Producer of Awesome Gal, was working in politics when he had a change of heart, and ultimately, a change of career. He quit his job, moved to New York and began pursuing his dreams. “You’re always told: be realistic, get a job, get a mortgage and all that, and I didn’t want that life. I wanted more than that, I wanted something that makes me happy,” said Ring.

In New York, he met Award-Winning Writer/Producer/Director, Frank Calo. “He kept asking me about reading his script called Awesome Gal,” said Calo. “I finally said, ‘OK, let me read it,’ and then I actually fell in love with it.”

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The film is based on true events; Awesome Gal, also the name of the horse featured in the film, experienced abuse at the hands of previous owners. She had been “sored,” an abusive and painful process by which horses are burned with chemical solvents on the ankles or heels to force them to walk with a particular gait favored by horse competitions.

The producers of Awesome Gal hope to bring this abuse to an end by shining a spotlight on this cruel practice. In the film, Awesome Gal is rescued by a girl fleeing abuse in the coal mines of Appalachia. “The story’s really about their healing journey,” said Ring.

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