ASBURY PARK, NJ -- TAPintoTV caught up with husband and wife collaborators, Courtney and Mark Sposato, at this year’s Garden State Film Festival to talk about their new short film, I’ve Been Compromised.

The duo co-wrote and co-directed the short together and it was their first time working as partners on a film. “We really turned out to be a pretty synergistic team,” said Mark Sposato. “It was our first time out of the gate, we didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it worked out pretty well.”

“The reason we work so well together is because we see eye-to-eye,” said Courtney Sposato. “We have the same passions, the same taste and the same ideas.”

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I’ve Been Compromised features an intelligence analyst pursued by a relentless operative through a dreamlike hotel until an unexpected visitor arrives, and the fabric of reality unravels to reveal a difficult truth.

Courtney is a professional video editor for clients like Showtime and Google and Mark is a graphic designer, so both came to the table with storytelling and media experience under their belts.

“Conceptual graphic design isn’t about just making things look pretty, it’s concepts that have meaning and stories behind them,” Mark said. “I always said to him that I think he would make a really good director because of those types of skills that you have,” Courtney added.

“She’s the filmmaker that went to film school and had a dream to make movies her whole life,” said Mark. “About a year and a half ago, we decided to just try and do it together. I became a collaborator from just being inspired by her passion.”

For more information about “I’ve Been Compromised,” visit the film’s website at, and to watch the trailer on Vimeo, visit