LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV Executive Producer, Brian Brodeur, speaks with Jack Frisch, owner of Upright Graphics & Upright Transport, to discuss how his love for jazz was born and led to a successful career serving the music industry.

After purchasing a 1947 upright Kay bass, Frisch decided to name his businesses “Upright Graphics” & “Upright Transport.” His love for jazz music inspired him to launch his own business where he could create designs for the music industry, as well as provide secure instrument transportation and support for professional working musicians.

The first artist Frisch worked with through Upright Graphics was guitarist Hiram Bullock, and while developing a professional relationship, he instantly learned how valuable his knowledge and connection to the artist could be. “It’s been quite magical,” Frisch said, “to have the trust of a player of his caliber.”

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Following his success with Upright Graphics, Frisch wanted to create a transportation business that provided more personal and specialized service. He described his work as, “a service where I cater to musicians. You need to get the gear to either a maintenance or repair shop,” he explained, “or they need to get to a gig or a recording session.”

Frisch’s passion for jazz music began after he saw bassist Jaco Pastorius perform at The New York Jazz Coalition. “I left there knowing I wanted to listen to jazz, I wanted to learn how to play fretless bass, and that weekend or the next week, I’m in the city buying up all Jaco’s albums,” he explained.

Unexpectedly, the day that Frisch went shopping for Pastorius' recordings in New York City, he ended up running into the famous bassist on 6th Avenue. The random encounter with Jaco in the West Village was very meaningful to Frisch, and he recalled how lively and kindhearted Pastorius was. “I look back at it now, and it was a moment in time,” Frisch noted. "And here's this guy that became a legend...and I was fortunate enough to meet him."

For more information about Frisch and his businesses, visit: Upright Graphics or Upright Transport