CLIFTON, NJ -- Dr. Michael Magwood, family chiropractor and founder of Pure Balance Center, spoke with TAPintoTV about some of the chiropractic practices and tools he uses, such as the Integrator, an adjusting instrument with unique and dynamic properties.  

“What makes the Integrator unique is that it creates an impulse, and the impulse will be provided at a constant force,” Magwood explains. “This is unique in part because it provides torque. It can spin if we want it to, in either direction or not at all.” This is particularly important when helping patients with spinal misalignments, which are three-dimensional, and therefore, need three-dimensional adjustment care. 

Designed by Biostatistician Robert Duncan, Ph.D. of the University of Miami School of Medicine, the Integrator, also known as the Torque Adjuster, delivers three-dimensional hand-adjusting, is FDA-approved, and is the only chiropractic tool developed from a randomized clinical trial. 

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“By applying torque, we allow the body to have the potential to receive a three-dimensional impulse,” Magwood said. “We are working on a precise contact point, at a precise speed, and in a precise direction.” 

Because chiropractors cannot move bones mechanically, Magwood explains that by using the Integrator with Torque Release techniques, chiropractors can stimulate a change in how the rhythm of the body exists and provide patients with relief. “Our goal is not to move a bone. Our goal is to trigger a neurological response,” Magwood said.  

With facilities in Clifton, New Jersey, and New York City, Magwood's clients benefit from a range of chiropractic and therapeutic activities, such as the Integrator. These proven track record chiropractic practices help his clients safely combat conditions like chronic pain.

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