CLIFTON, NJ - Dr. Michael Magwood is a family chiropractor and founder of Pure Balance Center, with facilities in Clifton, New Jersey and Manhattan. For a limited time, Pure Balance Center is offering a discount voucher for a complete chiropractic health assessment, which can be redeemed online here: Click for Pure Balance Center Discount Voucher

Magwood's clients benefit from a range of chiropractic and therapeutic activities, such as Pilates, massage therapy, auriculotherapy, and BEMER therapy, which help with body alignment and pain.

Pure Balance Center offers any client a chiropractic check up prior to doing any activity at the center. “We do give them the opportunity to have a chiropractic check up first, because what better way to be sure they’re going to do exercise practically and safely than to have a doctor oversee that they’re in the right place,” Magwood said. “People come in and they’ve got a whole history of surgeries and traumas and say ‘Well, I can’t do this ever’.”

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One of the most popular activities at the center is IM=X® Pilates. According to Magwood, most clients who come to the center to participate in chiropractic therapies begin with the Pilates machines. On the machines, clients can complete many Pilates exercises that they would normally do on the floor or a mat. Along with a chiropractic check up, Magwood provides a private introduction to the IM=X® Pilates machines, “so that we can customize the program, and this is the way you’re still getting the most clinically out of IM=X® custom program for fitness,” he said.

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