WEST ORANGE, NJ - The West Orange NJ Downtown Alliance has partnered with Estonian inventor, Mikhel Joala, to create two historic murals using "Albert" - Joala's automated spray-painting robot.

"This is cutting edge technology - the robot is the only one like it in the world." said West Orange NJ historian, Joe Fagan. Named after its first print, a portrait of Albert Einstein, the robot uses five individual colors that blend into an image when observed from a distance. 

The murals feature West Orange's famous former resident, Thomas Edison, as well as a mash-up of a vintage postcard and modern "wormhole" transportation image. The Downtown West Orange Alliance has wanted to feature murals for a long time - looking to attract more consumer traffic from the 100,000 tourists that visit the Thomas Edison Historical Park annually.

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"We put in the Phonograph - which is his unique invention to mankind... and then below that is the Ediphone, which was a dictation device, that he thought would be better than the Phonograph, " explains Mike Brick, Secretary of the West Orange Downtown Alliance. 

Downtown Alliance Executive Director, Megan Brill offered support for local small businesses: "We want folks to come back next week, next month... for the murals to be an economic driver for us. I always say that there's goods, products and services that people use, need and want everyday - and you should get them downtown."