The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy Launch COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program


Riverdale, NJ — Adding to its list of groundbreaking physical therapy programs, The New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy (NJCPT) launches its COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program. The organization designed a resourceful and dynamic rehabilitation process by professionals who have successfully battled the after-effects of COVID. For over 20 years, NJCPT has provided steadfast care to different communities in four separate locations (Montville, Riverdale, Paramus, and Wayne) and offers Home Care.

The program offers unique and effective solutions for the many difficult lingering symptoms of COVID that affect many parts of the body. Brain fog and the inability to focus are common from the disease. The Board Certified Doctors of this practice utilize brain-training applications, meditation, and personalized, precise physical exercise to heal injury by stimulating axon and dendrite growth, improving clarity, focus, memory, and intelligence. 

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In addition to the most up-to-date scientific evidence and technology for treatment, NJCPT believes it is essential to create a clear path to recovery and rehabilitation. That’s why the practice’s core beliefs are rooted in a successful mindset. The organization's Doctors of Physical Therapy dedicate their focus, energy, and expertise to maximize performance and eradicate the root cause, creating long-lasting results.

For reduced lung function, safe physical therapy led with highly intuitive specific breathing exercises improves lung capacity. Computerized spirometry lung capacity testing sets it apart from other programs by consistently tracking progress, and a pulse oximetry monitors blood oxygen saturation. Scientific evidence has shown that decreased flexibility is a common lingering factor from COVID. Flexibility issues require a detailed assessment with personalized care. Through an integrative approach, specific flexibility and stretching exercises are used to train and safely prepare a patient’s body for greater physical activity levels.

“Our COVID-19 program involves a thorough investigation of cardiovascular, pulmonary, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems providing the most precise, unparalleled treatment. I have successfully treated patients of all ages with outstanding results including drops in systolic blood pressure up to 15mmHg, resting heart rates by 10-15 bpm, weight loss up to 20 lbs, and drastically improving their quality of life,” said Dr. Melanie Eskin, Co-Clinic Manager, and Executive Leadership Team Member.   

The program also elevates the importance of the emotional well-being of those affected by COVID. Anxiety and depression are common post-COVID symptoms. The doctors are meticulous with their prescribed exercises while ensuring each patient’s needs are met. Graded exercise is used to strengthen a patient’s heart and body with real-time monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, six lead ECGs monitor and assess heart function. Science has shown that select aerobic cardiovascular training utilizes ketones combined with strengthening your musculoskeletal system to accomplish optimal fitness and function, and NJCPT’s Board Certified Doctors of Physical Therapy give patients continual training to regain balance.

The innovative treatments offer individualized care for every patient. Each is based on the latest evidence-based research, delivering expert and precision care from NJCPT’s Board Certified Doctors of Physical Therapy.

“Our practice(s) is the only facility with the best safety measures and the most impactful COVID-19 Recovery program. Our treatment to combat this respiratory illness is life-changing, from designing the first Medical Safe Zone in New Jersey to advanced studies in Positive Psychology, we eradicate the aftereffects of COVID by helping the body restore normal functioning,” said Dr. Mangone, Clinic Manager for Wayne of the New Jersey Centers of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Mangone further explains, “Each patient is seen by an expert Doctor of Physical Therapy and receives one-to-one meticulous treatment. When a patient leaves our facility, they leave feeling confident in their progress, and the full understanding that their needs are being 100% met.”

NJCPT has initiated a “Medical Safe Zone” for its COVID Rehabilitation program. Ensuring that the entire staff is 100% vaccinated and exceeds CDC guidelines to ensure safety for every patient. Including a multimodal approach used to guarantee protection utilizing three types of UVC lighting units to denature and destroy aerosolized coronavirus particles, bacteria, and other microbes. Anti-microbial air filtration equipment is used to capture and destroy viruses upon contact. Additionally, all team members are required to wear advanced PPE. The organization also offers Home Care treatment for patients in the Northern New Jersey area. 

You can learn more about The New Jersey Center of Physical Therapy and their partner locations Paramus Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Wayne Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and Montville Orthopedic Physical Therapy on their website.    


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