ESSEX COUNTY NJ -- TAPintoTV takes a look back to Executive Producer Brian Brodeur's conversation with activist and community leader, Bill Edge. Speaking at the 2016 Meet The Mayors event, Edge represented the NJ League of Women Voters, a sponsor of the annual chamber of commerce function.

Edge spoke about the connection among Essex County municipalities in past years. "What we've been able to do...was engage our townships and mayors together," Edge explained. 

Edge described his work with local business organizations to coordinate public debates and forums. "It was a perfect fit with the League of Women Voters," Edge said. "Where they serve as moderators."

Over the years, the collaboration between the business community, community organizations and municipal representatives fostered a strong partnership. "We're so pleased that the mayors, and the sponsors, and the League, and business make a great triangle," Edge said. "They put together the electorate, government and business. Without the three working together, communities won't grow."