LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- As part our ongoing coronavirus coverage in New Jersey, Cheryl Brown, the Publisher of TAPinto Verona/Cedar Grove, spoke with Brian Brodeur of TAPintoTV about the effects of the pandemic on daily life in her community. 

Both Verona and Cedar Grove are located in Essex County, New Jersey, which currently has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in the state. Both communities are located about 15 miles west of Manhattan, and are considered part of the New York Metro area. 

Brown, who also works as a microbiologist, said she had initially been less worried about the coronavirus because as a scientist, she already practices good hygiene. But, she has become more concerned as the threat has grown. “As it becomes apparent that it’s in my town,” she said, “I got a little more scared.” 

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She said that she has not seen much activity in town, and people are staying inside. Her family has been self-isolating, doing takeout, and taking very quick trips to the grocery store. “We’re doing our part by just staying put,” she said, “so the less danger I’m putting anybody else in.” 

Brodeur spoke with Brown via video conference from East Main Studios’ newly-outfitted virtual studio in Little Falls, which was recently reconfigured for working remotely in light of social distancing and stay-at-home orders in New Jersey.

“I feel for the people who have to go out to work,” Brown said, and spoke of her friend, a nurse, who has been wearing the same mask for a week. “That gave me pause that our people who are out there on the front lines really don’t have the right protective gear to help them, and save them.”

TAPinto Verona/Cedar Grove has continued to publish, providing readers with information, while supporting local businesses by alerting residents about their services. “I shudder to think how we would all be if we didn’t have TAPinto as a source right now,” Brown said. “The fact that we can provide that connectivity for our community and give them all this vital news, that’s what keeps me going.” 

Brown thinks that the pandemic will take some time to get through, but that ultimately “it’s going to make us a little stronger hopefully, because as a community, I do see us working together,” she said. “This is going to be a hard hit, so we’ll be having to build up together, after.” 

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