Mark Egan, World-Renowned Bassist and Composer, joined TAPintoTV’s Executive Producer Brian Brodeur, to discuss how he found his distinctive musical voice as a bass player.
Growing up in Brockton Massachusetts, Egan first began playing trumpet while in elementary school and continued throughout high school, while taking up bass guitar at age 16. Egan attended the University of Miami as a trumpet player, but while trumpet was Egan’s strong suit at the time, he took his bass to college with him as a secondary instrument. Playing the trumpet for so many years influenced how Egan found his musical voice as a bass player. “I had my experience embedded into me,” he stated. After two years of playing the trumpet at the University of Miami, Egan decided to make the switch to playing the bass. 
“If you look at the time period where I was really attracted to bass, it was in the mid ‘60s, and so on AM radio, you would hear Motown music,” he explained. “For me it was the music of that period and the groove, which attracted me to it.” 

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Egan began playing with a standard fretted bass, but it wasn’t until the legendary Jaco Pastorius gave him a fretless bass that he discovered his musical voice. “When I started playing that,” Egan said, he realized  “there are so many articulations that you can make.” 
Finding his own musical voice came effortlessly to Egan when he took on an approach that he enjoyed. “I love soaring over it melodically and playing loosely and freely” he said. “You just have to really listen and pay attention, and be your own teacher in so many ways.” 
Egan has found that by constantly learning and asking questions, musicians are able to find a musical voice that compliments them best. To learn more about Mark Egan, including his latest recording Electric Blue, visit: