BEACH HAVEN, NJ  — The Beach Haven Borough Mayor and Council released two executive orders on Friday, May 8.  They have to do with rescinding the April 7 beach restriction order and some direction for businesses as they prepare for the summer. 

What a time we live in! There are more than a few questions floating through this writer's mind. 

Anyone wondering how all of this will work out? 

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How about the beach?  On the beach people are going to need to maintain social distancing. That most likely also includes swimmers and surfers. 

Nightclubs are going to take a big hit.  How do they maintain solid income with the social distancing requirements?  How does a club afford a good band when the attendance in the business will be limited?  

There will be less seating at bars and restaurants, how will all of that look?  The Mayor and Council have been working with business owners to address these questions.  

Will Governor Murphy open these currently non-essential businesses by Memorial Day weekend? 

In a lively, compact Beach Haven, it is going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out.  There are so many wonderful business owners and I'm praying they can have a successful summer. 

By the way, expect huge crowds because I don't see people flying much, they will stay close to home.   

Below is overview of Beach Haven's Friday, May 8 Executive Order. 

Beaches Open

The first order rescinded a previous ban of the general public being able to access the beachfront from April 7, 2020.

The new order allows all of the public to access the beach.  Social distancing must be maintained according to Governor Murphy and CDC guidelines.

The rescinded executive order can be read in full below:

Business Help

The new world order requires increased social distancing. That will be very difficult in a small borough with thousands of summer visitors. The Borough has relaxed some of their ordinances to help bars, restaurants and small businesses in the following ways:

  • The Borough is allowing businesses to designate expanded areas for curbside pickup locations. That includes the potential use of public parking spaces and other locations on or near the business site. 

    The businesses must submit application to the Borough website with an online form that is available for completion. 

    The Borough will issue a curbside pick up logo.  The Public Works will paint the logo in specific parking locations.  
  • The Borough has waived any fees related to posting additional sandwich signs for advertising. Only one sandwich sign is allowed per business. 
  • Additional expanded sidewalk sales are permitted to allow for increased social distancing during the state of emergency. The business must maintain a pedestrian right of way on those sidewalks. 

    There is a more detailed description of the sidewalk requirement in the Executive Order at the bottom of this article. 

These changes take effect immediately but only to those businesses allowed to be open by the Governor. This will not be in full until Governor Murphy's Executive Order 107 is relaxed to allow other aspects of the New Jersey economy to reopen.

This is an overview of the Borough's order, please read the complete order for more specific details.  

The executive order to assist Beach Haven businesses can be read in full below: