NEW JERSEY — If you are looking to get out and enjoy nature while maintaining social distancing, maybe you should give fishing a try. If you are a seasoned fishing enthusiast, you'll be excited to hear this news as well: New Jersey anglers will be given extra opportunities to catch trout this fall as the Division of Fish and Wildlife will be stocking 6,000 additional fish in water across the state!

According to the Division's website, more than 27,000 trout measuring 14-16" and weighing approximately one-and-a-half pounds will be stocked in 17 streams and 23 ponds and lakes. All trout are raised at the Pequest Trout Hatchery.

In addition to these trout, up to 1,000 broodstock trout (three-year old rainbow trout, averaging 18-22 inches) will also be stocked. Broodstock trout are mixed in with each truckload of fish to provide exciting fishing opportunities throughout the state. 

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The stocking will begin October 6 and run for two weeks. All fall-stocked waters may be fished as soon as they are stocked (there are no "closed waters" during fall stocking). Unlike previous years, a schedule will not be posted prior to stocking; waterbodies stocked will be posted at the end of the day.

See the Fall Trout Fishing Information page for details about this season's stocking. There are no closed stocking days in the fall, so prepare your gear and get ready for some of the best fishing of the year!