TAPintoTravels - You have booked your cruise and it includes a stop in Roatan.  Or perhaps you have read one of our articles and decided to spend a week or two on the wonderful island.  We will include links at the bottom so you can further enjoy the Island.

Either way, it is still good to remember the golden rules of all travel.  Roatan has the same petty theft that you see in all tourist destinations.

1. Don't bring original documents such as passports, IDs or other documents that you might need to be able to leave the country. A photocopy is enough. 

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2. If it is your first time on the island, carry your hotel information (both a phone number and the address).  The  address is particularly important if you rent a house. In case you don't know how to get back, locals will help you to find your way home. 

3. Block your phone, in case you lose it or someone is trying to steal it.  They might lose interest if it is locked. No one would buy a locked phone. 

4. If you are looking for transportation, always ask your receptionist. The taxi fair will be more expensive, but their work ethics guaranteed your safety.

5. Never leave your belongings unattended. Golden rule. Most of the victims of theft were distracted. 

Please watch the photo playlist.  It includes many additional tips.

The videos below are very useful too.

As a cruiseshipper, you are here for a few hours, bring just the necessary. Camera, money and contact info in case of emergency.

Here are a couple useful links, that are worth visiting before your trip and save to your browser.

Emergency Airlift local

Emergency Airlift international


Tourist Hospital

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Do not take pirate booty.  It is against the law.

Be ready to make a quick getaway in case of trouble.

Beware of Bears.  Particularly ones from Chicago.