TAPintoTravels - The International Toy Fair may have ended yesterday, but we are not done sharing with you our picks from the show.  

These are the products that we feel are the most innovative and your family will really enjoy.  We shall dub them the TAPintoTravels Toy of the Year Awards or T30TY’s for short. That seems appropriate since it sounds like a robot name from Star Wars (batteries not included).

First off, we never thought we would select a product in the Eyeware Category.  However, this is much to innovative not to offer up.  This product is a virtually indestructible pair of eyeglasses or sun glasses.  They come in sizes to fit a small child up to a large adult.  Plus, they will give you 10% off your purchase, if you give them “TAPinto” as your secret code.

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Check out this product from ro-sham-bobaby.

Our second choice for our T3OTY Award is a local company.  We like them for their socially conscious business model.  Plus, they provide work for disabled workers at a Montclair facility.  Their dolls are educational and likely to become your child’s best Sibling, best Pal. 

Check out their website for more information on their product line.  Plus enjoy this video.

Check in tomorrow for our article on our winners for the best STEM toy and a great plush source for your significant other.  Friday, we will provide our big reveal, a toy that will bring joy to the man in your life.  We are serious.  He is so going to like this toy.  We have already bought one.  It is so awesome!!!

If you missed our reveal yesterday, do not fret.  It is here.  It is made for toddlers, but will provide you more joy than you would think is humanly possible.  We know.  We use it for our interns.

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