Travels Spotlight - Cindy’s Diner at Berlin’s Schöfeld Airport

At Cindy’s Diner. Berlin Schönfeld Airport’s answer to an American 50s diner. Not bad to pass the time before desk check-in.
Join our favorite babe...
Grab a booth...
At our favorite new diner...
Or we can peg our blue jeans and cut down to our white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves...
And grab a great American burger.
Store your travel gear.

TAPintoTravels - If you have some extra time at Berlin’s Schönfeld Airport, then check out Cindy’s Diner in Terminal D for some 50’s style American burgers.

We will let the slide show do the talking. We like the place.  It is a comfortable place to kill time with really good food.

The American Burger was excellent with two beef patties augmented with European cheese and bread.  Although, we feel naming it an “American” burger may be a tad incentive.  We shall now taunt you like the French would...

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