Hotel California - An Eagles Cover Band Will Play Lakeside on May 27

May 11, 2018

LAKESIDE, OH - For almost three decades, Hotel California has been recreating the legendary sound of the Eagles and thrilling audiences all over the world. This Original Eagles Tribute Band will perform some of the bands greatest hits at 8:15 p.m. Sunday, May 27 in Hoover Auditorium.  

The band set the bar in 1986, and they’ve remained the industry leading substitute for the ...

Travels Discovery - An Urban Breakfast Luncheonette in a Cleveland Arcade Called Jack Flaps

Tucked inside the 4th Street Arcade is a new Travels discovery.  A luncheonette that could find a home in Manhattan.

Jack Flaps defines itself as an “Urban Breakfast Shoppe” and we have to say that is spot on.  Their selections include Benedicto Mexicano, Breakfast Bánh Mì, and Breakfast Kimchi which gives the shoppe an international vibe.

Our North Coast Travels Have Found a Bonified Soda Jerk Parlor in Cleveland

“Sweet Moses!”, we found Sweet Moses. In West Cleveland sits a beacon to our sweet past.

Sweet Moses is an authentic soda fountain parlor.  They even serve their homemade ice cream from behind a Bastion-Blessings soda fountain. If that doesn’t establish their credibility with soda enthusiasts, nothing will.

So, when in Cleveland, check out this great ...

Cleveland’s West Side Market Pays Homage to Its European Kin

The West Side Market could easily be mistaken for a European central market.  She is a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, meats, and deserts. No trip to Cleveland would be complete without visiting the Market.  

Built in 1912 to service Cleveland’s growing immigrant populations, the city owned facility housed fresh meat and produce shops while stocking ethnic foods. Today, ...

Travels North Coast Spotlight - Enjoy the Marble Room for an Exquisite Evening

Let’s face it, steakhouses have become as commonplace as Starbucks. This is particularly true for us in New York City area. With all the competition, we definitely get a quality steak.

Since we all have become dependent on a good quality piece of meat, what do we do when we do the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame expedition? Well, we recommend going to the same place favored by the ...

Travels Taco Report - Barrio Gateway is Our Favorite Taco Joint on the North Coast

Everyone knows tacos have taken the center stage of new cuisine. New York is buckling at the seams with popular taquerias. Now that they have become a staple of our diet, where do we go for a good one on the North Coast.

Barrio Gateway is our pick for the best tacos in the Land of Cleve. Just North of the ball field, it sits at the corner of Prospect and E. 4th. Just look for ...

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