To the Editor:

 I am overwhelmed with embarrassment. What we are doing to each other is unspeakable and unprecedented for Americans. Normally after a tragedy we unite. We usually put the little things aside and reach out to one another.  We Unify.

This time we have taken out our daggers and are destroying our country's roots.  To an onlooker we look like rats on a sinking ship.  Never have I seen such selfishness and self-sabotage.  For shame. 

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I am specifically referring to the hatred I see as we evaluate two separate controversial issues. The COVID-19 recovery represents one problem. The other involves the public outcry after George Floyd was murdered for the world to see.

The radical left wants us to believe that being a black person in America now is no better than it was in 1865 - or. the same as when we were living under Jim Crowe laws. I do not believe this to be the case. Nobody really does. The data does not support it. Point-blank, slavery has been illegal since 1865 in America.

That being said, I understand that racism still exists, and we need to all stand up and eradicate it. By this, I do not mean let's go burn down some Targets. Rather.I am calling for anyone to show me a specific racist policy, company or institution, so that we can shut it down together. 

Is America Racist? This argument comes down to how you personally view America's founding.

The narrative that is being pushed by the radical left, and most in the media, is that America was founded in evil and that the institutions of America are rooted in racism.  

I believe that America was founded by imperfect men who sought to create a “More Perfect Union.” 

It is important to acknowledge all throughout human history, land was conquered by invaders and there has been slavery and injustice. Slavery was not unique to America. Also, millions of people still live in slavery today, as you read this, although you don’t see much looting to bring attention to these people. 

Why are you tearing down statues?  Statues are not erected to commemorate the sins of the person but to highlight and honor their good deeds and accomplishments. 

If statues were reserved for the sinless, then only Jesus would have a statue, and the left wants to tear that down too. 

Even the most honorable amongst us, that is to say the least controversial American Hero to be memorialized, Martin Luther King Junior, was a well known philanderer.
Do we remove his statues? Obviously not. Why? We do not claim him to be without fault as a man, we only hail his works in the civil rights movement. 

Simply, people are being deliberately obtuse when they choose to ignore the great men and deeds of our founding fathers. 

As far as the Confederate flag, and Civil War statues are concerned, my personal opinion on the Confederate flag is that I never understood it. The most beautiful flag in the world is the Stars and Stripes, and to hang a flag of the Confederacy next to it after they tried to destroy America never made sense to me.

 That being said, the Confederate flag is not a, pardon for the expression, “black or white,” issue. There are many folds (again sorry) to the symbolism and meaning of the Stars and Bars. I imagine some people are set off by the Confederate Flag. Similarly, some are puzzled when they see someone wearing a Hugo Chavez T-Shirt.

 I’m not sure what Hugo Chavez is supposed to mean other than a brutal communist mass murderer, but I don't tell people to take it off. Final ruling, from me, is if you can wear a Hugo Chavez T-shirt you can sport a Confederate Flag on your car. 

The statues are a different story to me. I think erasing history is a dangerous thing. Some statues are there to remind us of terrible things that happened, so that they should never happen again. Take Holocaust monuments, or memorials. These places need to be preserved to remind us of how awful we can be when power is left unchecked. We might want to throw a couple more of them up in this country if you ask me actually, given the current political climate. 

When I show my son a Confederate statue I will tell him that the man depicted was part of awful time in history when America was almost brought down by division and that we fought to defeat that force in order to preserve all of  our freedoms, North and South.

The Covid-19  Curve is Flattening, but America is in shock right now.  People are scared, angry and uncertain. There are people (on both sides,) who realize this and are taking advantage of the situation. 

Everyone needs to take a deep breath (mask, or no mask,) and start working together to figure out a way to survive the winter. This outdoor dining thing is cute, but can small  restaurants really survive on 50% capacity or on take out and delivery?  What happens when the extended unemployment benefits end?  Why is nobody else mad that we only got $1200 from the 6-Trillion dollar stimulus package? 

Politics aside, what can we do to make America Great Again? 

Submitted by,

Andrew Gibson, Barnegat