LITTLE EGG HARBOR — Jay Zimmerman is no stranger to hard work. He is currently a Captain with Great Bay EMS, owner of two area businesses, and also volunteers with other local organizations. After experiencing months of quarantining along with multiple event cancellations, he decided that COVID-19 isn't going to take the spirit & fun of Christmas away from Little Egg Harbor. “The goal is to provide a completely free Winter Wonderland Christmas production and to hopefully, even if just for 10 minutes, bring a sense of normalcy & excitement back to the kids” explained Zimmerman. 

With the help of a small core group of talented individuals, several who have some film & production background such as Candi Lynn overseeing all design operations, Josh Van Dyke is the production manager, Dante Rinaldi as IT/Marketing guy, and Ryan Zielinski & Chad Astemborski handling construction & layout. There are different themed areas throughout the drive. Zimmerman says “We're going to try to make it as lifelike as possible if time allows. We have currently 19k responses on Facebook, so we're both excited and a little overwhelmed by the awesome response”.

Residents in the area quickly stepped up to donate lights, Christmas trees, decorations, along with supplies requested through an Amazon wishlist. The organizers went right to work, creating a beautiful setup for all to enjoy. No longer in need of supplies, additional assistance is requested with handing out candy canes and directing traffic. If you can help, tap this link to be taken to their Google form to register.

Located at 218 Stage Road in Little Egg Harbor, this drive-thru only event kicked off on November 28 and will run daily between 6pm — 10pm (weather permitting) through the end of December with the hopes to make this an annual event. Some Saturday dates will have special guests. Please note that entry will be on the North side of Stage Road only and organizers ask that  attendees please be mindful of through traffic & neighboring properties while waiting in line. To get more information, visit their Facebook event page.