BARNEGAT, NJ - Independent 3rd Congressional District Candidate Martin Weber is calling for an overhaul to the VA Healthcare system. 

“The system is failing our Veterans,” says Weber. “There are times in which you call to make an appointment through the VA and you’re told you can see someone in a few months…how is this right for anyone who has served this country?” Weber points out that there are too few functioning facilities to handle the demands. His solution is not to build more facilities, but to issue every qualifying member an “Honor Card”. The card would be issued under Weber’s legislative plan “The Jeff Act”. 

The proposed legislation would allow Veterans to take this card to any medical facility in the country. “Why does a Veteran who lives in Lacey Township have to drive to either Brick or East Orange to get seen, when they have an Urgent (Immediate) Care facility right down the road?” asks Weber. “We should sell the government-run facilities and allow our Veterans to select the doctors and facilities THEY are comfortable with—not the government”. Weber suggests that such a move would save the taxpayers money and pay for the program. 

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Within the District, a plan to build a new VA Clinic in either Brick or Toms River was put on hold. Both current Democratic Congressman Andy Kim and Republican Candidate David Richter have expressed their disappointment in the project being delayed. Richter has pledged to push for the project to move forward if elected. “I respect Dave’s (Richter) pledge to try and help the Veterans, but simply constructing another building is not going to solve the larger problems with VA healthcare,” says Weber.

“Our Veterans served to protect our freedoms…let’s give them the Honor Card in The Jeff Act to have the freedom to choose their doctors and facilities”. Weber feels that Congressman Kim is not the voice Veterans need in this fight. “What has Andy Kim really done for the Veterans?” asks Weber. “The proposed VA Clinic is back to square one, Veterans are waiting MONTHS for appointments, and the best he can do is go to his Town Hall meetings and rattle off his Pelosi-approved talking points—we need a change in that seat.”

Weber, 56, is the owner of YoBuck Landscaping Company in Barnegat and sits on the Zoning Board in town. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Captain of the Barnegat Volunteer First Aid Squad.

Reforming the V.A. hit very close to home for Mr. Weber as his partner and YoBuck co-founder and fellow U.S. Army Veteran, Jeff Poissant, died from bladder cancer. “Seeing Jeff go through what so many veterans are going through (waiting for the care they need), made me sick to my stomach”, Weber states.

“If Jeff received the care he needed in a more timely fashion, he’d still be here with us”, suggests Weber. "How many more families feel this way?… something has to be done for our veterans”. “ I made a promise to Jeff as he was dying that I would run to fix this and that’s what I’m going to do, period."