Most of us want to continue to stay in our homes and communities, but property taxes are driving us away.  Taking advantage of New Jersey’s Property Tax Relief programs can stretch our dollars.  Who qualifies?  Are there special programs for seniors?

The Senior Citizens Council has prepared a video presentation on the property tax relief options available for homeowners.  It focuses on the special programs for seniors and discusses the income requirements, the application processes and the deadlines for the various programs.

  • Senior Freeze: How to qualify to freeze your property taxes?  What is the new income threshold? (Filing deadline November 2, 2020)
  • Homestead Benefit (formerly Homestead Rebate): Property tax credit, income restricted, but with higher limits for seniors
  • Senior Citizens Annual Property Tax Deduction:  Municipal credit but with strict income limits
  • Property Tax Deductions for Veterans:  Property tax credit for most veterans (Being expanded to ALL veterans)
  • NJ Income Tax Relief for Homeowners:  Available for everyone without regard to income level or age.

To watch the video go to:

For more information call the Senior Citizens Council at 908-964-7555 or online at  Senior Citizens Council is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 to assist older adults.  Ellen Steinberg is the chair of Senior Citizens Council and Peter Humphreys is a finance attorney.