NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Bobbie Peer has established herself as a power house marketer for local businesses in western Union County. 

The Berkeley Heights resident, who started with TAPinto back in 2013 as part of the company’s expansion efforts, has morphed into a three-site franchise owner with hopes of continued growth in the future.

“I was looking for a career that involved my marketing skills that would utilize my relationships within my own community while having the flexibility for a work-life balance,” Peer said. “I originally was hired by Mike Shapiro as part of the franchise expansion sales team in 2013. A few months in, [TAPinto Founder and CEO Michael Shapiro} approached me about finding someone for the Berkeley Heights site, one of the TAPinto’s original sites. I knew I could be successful at taking over the site. And I never looked back!”

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Since taking over TAPinto Berkeley Heights in 2013, Peer has done nothing but grow in both marketing expertise and content, but most importantly, her overall business has grown. Peer launched TAPinto Mountainside and took over TAPinto New Providence in 2015.

“When I started my TAPinto business, it was a full-time job for me,” Peer said. “About a year in, I realized that I could easily grow my business by owning the surrounding towns to Berkeley Heights and grow my business by selling multiple town ad packages. I started by adding Mountainside which was a natural fit because I was already covering their high school news because the students attend Gov. Livingston High School. About a year later I purchased neighboring New Providence. It truly has been a game changer for my business.

“As my sites grew, I began hiring more freelance writers and a site administrator. This allowed me to spend more time on the sales side. My strategy is to write less and spend more time on marketing and sales. My next step will be to hire a full-time managing editor, so they can manage all content on the site to free my time even more.”

Peer says her news networks are the trusted news sources in the communities she covers due to her consistent presence, thus offering plenty of opportunities for marketing partners to put their name in front of the communities she serves. 

“It is very important to be present in the communities you cover,” she said. “I make sure to attend the large community events. When you are present at street fairs, town concerts, high school graduations - you engage more with the community leaders and residents. As for the advertisers, communication is key! Show your expertise in marketing and teach them how to utilize our platform. When I meet with my advertisers, I listen to them. Most small businesses need to put 100 percent of their efforts into running their business, and they are very receptive to our input on marketing. I always leave with a plan of action and possibly a story idea or two.”

When it comes to advertisers best utilizing TAPinto as not only a news source but also an advertising platform, Peer has great insight to some steps to take:

“First, make sure to subscribe to our site, so you get the daily newsletter with the latest news, press releases, column articles and event listings,“ she said. “We are the daily source of news our community reads and relies on, so businesses need to know they can access our readers by placing an ad and getting their message read. Our platform is expansive and can help in all aspects of marketing including brand recognition, messaging, storytelling and educational blogs all while helping improve SEO.”

If you are interested in speaking with Bobbie Peer about her journey as a TAPinto franchisee, she can be reached at

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