BEACH HAVEN — Beach Haven Borough leadership released a news release on Tuesday afternoon outlining their concern about helping the Beach Haven business community this spring and summer. 

Beach Haven has a unique situation considering that they are extremely crowded in a small portion of LBI. Many bars and restaurants are in Beach Haven. Large numbers of vacationers and resident depend on all the very busy restaurants to get food, drinks and desserts.

Long Beach Island will be crowded this summer particularly because people most likely will not be traveling long distances for their vacations.  Expect a lot of metropolitan New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia area visitors. 

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The letter below is quite informative. 

Beach Haven Mayor and Borough Council Letter: .  

"The Beach Haven Borough Council and Staff are extremely focused on responding to the COVID-19 outbreak and keeping our community and economy safe. The purpose of this note is to update you on our planning for the 2020 Summer Season.

Although it is difficult to anticipate what Summer 2020 will look like, we hope it will not be much different than summers past.

However, under State law, we cannot act until Governor Murphy lifts some of the restrictions he’s imposed on businesses.

In anticipation of this, we are in daily contact with County, State and Federal officials, and are drafting resolutions and ordinances to help local business while also protecting public health. Here are details on our process:

  • We are working closely with our business community, neighboring towns, and local advocacy organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, to determine next steps.
  • Last week the Beach Haven Chamber of Commerce emailed Beach Haven businesses asking what can be done to help.  
  • Each business in Beach Haven has different needs, so we want to hear all ideas.
  • Your suggestions will be evaluated by a committee that will weigh their feasibility alongside health and safety directives. The committee will act fast so that when the Governor relaxes his restrictions, we can act quickly. 

When submitting your suggestions, please keep the following in mind:

  • The Federal Government and NJ Governor’s Office are the lead organizations managing COVID-19 response in New Jersey. Their authority supersedes ours.
  • Federal and State planning is linked to the number of reported COVID-19 cases, so their directives can change quickly and without consultation.
  • We recommend that restaurants strengthen take-out and delivery options now.
  • The Borough will support curbside pick-up proposals that do not risk public safety, and we are already in the process of relaxing ordinances to make take-out and delivery easier.
  • We recommend all businesses plan for social-distancing measures, including mechanisms to control the number of customers inside shops, and increased sanitation protocols.
  • When sit-down dining is allowed, social distancing guidelines will need to be followed.

We do not anticipate the State will allow large groups to congregate. This will undoubtedly impact events, parties, and night clubs.

We must receive permission from the NJ Liquor Control Board to change or adapt existing alcohol policies.
Here are a few initiatives we have already begun to help businesses in Beach Haven:

  1. We are working with the Liquor Control Board to relax restrictions on serving alcohol outdoors.
  2. We are establishing short-term parking in front of restaurants and businesses to support curbside pick-up.
  3. We are investigating ways we can help restaurants expand seating by creating outdoor seating in parking lots and public easements.

 Most of these changes need to be passed by executive order, resolution or ordinance. This takes time.

We have been working with Borough staff and talking to our colleagues in other beach communities along the Jersey Shore to gain insights into what they are doing.

The Council is also working hard to be fair to all businesses; we cannot give special advantages to some businesses without considering others.
There is no simple solution to the problems caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a new, highly contagious disease and so there is no silver bullet at this time.

However, as a community that has supported generations of residents and visitors, one thing is certain: We are all in this together -- and as such, it will take real, meaningful collaboration to meet the State’s directives.

Please know that all of us on Council want to help each and every business have a safe and successful summer."