OCEAN COUNTY, NJ -  Both national and state media outlets have taken a look at death records and drawn similar conclusions.  After reviewing death records from 2015-2020, a glaring disparity exhibits when looking at April numbers in each of the years. Upon review of Ocean County records, the same appears true on a local level.

The New Jersey Department of Health records provides data by the numberspdf from January 2015, until as recently as the end of April 2020. An extrapolation of the monthly and annual deaths associated with Ocean County residents appears below using New Jersey Resident Death Certificate Registry, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, New Jersey Department of Health as a data source:

2015-2020 Ocean County Residents
County Month
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2015 742 657 648 595 563 516 592 607 553 576 569 603 7,221
2016 633 585 685 639 566 607 539 557 589 583 652 632 7,267
2017 728 647 726 573 602 615 567 593 583 592 606 619 7,451
2018 725 644 639 593 562 631 567 581 533 579 591 652 7,297
2019 671 613 643 580 630 583 612 546 584 562 643 644 7,311
2020 669 616 722 1017                  
COVID-19     46 374                  

While the state notes that the 2015-2018 reports represent final data, 2019 and 2020 numbers are considered provisional data. As far as 2019, the death certificates of some residents who have died out of state have not yet been received. The 2020 data does not contain the deaths of anyone who died out of state.

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According to an analysis performed by nj.com, "14,420 people died of all causes across New Jersey, far more than double the 6,090 deaths that 2015 to 2019 averaged."

How do the same calculations trickle down to Ocean County?  For the years 2015-2019, Ocean County reported an average of 596 deaths in April.  In April 2020, the state preliminarily reported that 1017 residents of Ocean County died from an assortment of causes. To provide some further insight, the Ocean County Health Department listed 374 COVID-19 related deaths.  It is unknown how many deaths related to a delay in treatment as residents with serious conditions stayed away from acute care because of the virus. The graph speaks for itself:

In the meantime, social media "experts" insist that COVID-19 related deaths are over reported. They point to an article fact-checked by USA Today, which states that documents that hospitals receive financial enumeration for listing patients as COVID-19 or on ventilators. The article also asserts that there are "no public reports that hospitals are exaggerating COVID-19 numbers."

 Anecdotally, more than one person claims a friend plans to retain legal counsel because a doctor listed COVID-19 as a cause of death for a heart attack or diabetes sugar overload. Despite the request, no one has come forth with documentation that supports this assertion. Once again, the shockingly high increase in April fatalities tells a story of its own.

Ocean County's statistics indicate that 78% of those who died were over the age of 65; According to the data, 56% were male. Only 2% of those who died in Ocean County, were 44% or younger.