NEW JERSEY - The worst of times not only brings out the best in people. Seemingly, it also attracts the worst as well. To combat COVID-19 disinformation, rumors, and scams, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJOHSP) has set up an informational webpage, which can be found here.

“As we continue to aggressively fight the coronavirus through strict social distancing, the spread of inaccurate information on the impact and response related to this crisis is also dangerous,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “The only way to beat this pandemic is if each of our 9 million residents continues to follow social distancing measures, guidance from public health officials, and by supporting each other. We must remain on course, and our administration is determined to keep everyone safe with reliable information.” 

A review of the webpage reveals a collection of some interesting details divided into a variety of categories. The intelligence section covers every from the sale of faulty medical equipment to online extremists exploiting COVID-19 to inspire supports.

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NJOHSP has also collected data regarding cyber alerts. These include cyber threats and cybersecurity for healhcare during COVID-19. Users are warned that VTC platforms, such as Zoom represent targeted threats.

Meanwhile, it appears that the internet poses a number of problems on COVID-19 rumors and disinformation. There's even a false infographic circulating on social media that appears to come from a legitimate health organization. However, it intentionally promotes actions that could lead to more spread of the virus. The same is true for recommendations for self-check assessments.

When in doubt, the best thing to do is to check out the information. Anyone who feels something seems questionable, should check out this website.  In some cases, it might be appropriate to contact the local police.