OCEAN COUNTY, NJ - For weeks, the confirmed number of coronavirus cases became the center of attention. Testing has become more available, allowing some asymptomatic people to determine if they are carriers of the potentially deadly virus. Meanwhile, authorities estimate that approximately fifteen percent of all negative results are falsely reported. As the disease has traveled from north to south, Ocean County has had its fair share of positive results and COVID-19 related deaths.

Today, the state hit a remarkable threshold as the death toll moved past 10,000 lost lives. Of that total number, 612 were residents of Ocean County. Barnegat now reports a total of 11 fatalities, Lacey, 9 and Stafford, 19.  It is unknown how many residents from Ocean Township (Waretown) succumbed to COVID-19- related consequences. The state protects privacy by not assigning numbers when the fatalities are less than 5.

In Ocean County, the number of confirmed cases now totals 7771. Notably, the ages of those who tested positively is distributed almost equally between the following age ranges: 19-44, 45-64, and 65+.  Countywide, nearly 80 percent of those who did not survive the illness were over the age of 65.

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Barnegat has not reported any new cases in the last three days and remains at 214 positive test results. Likewise, Ocean Township (Waretown) has stayed at 42 confirmed cases since May 12. For the last two days, Lacey has remained at 192. Stafford continues to experience a daily increase and now has 217 positive test results.

As the weather continues to get brighter, people will be outside and enjoying it. Some will return to work. The stay at home orders may still be in effect - but many are restless. Social distancing and masks continue to be the tools recommended by medical authorities to combat the spread of the virus.

While age represents a factor when it comes to mortality, doctors continue to express their concern about the unknown. Not everyone who dies is old or has a preexisting condition.