To the Editor:

Dr. Latwis and Mr. Hickey insist that the plan for reconfiguration is the least expensive plan and will not raise taxes. I am having great difficulty in understanding how that is possible when all the estimates for this plan are not yet in, and we have no idea what the final cost will be.

What do you suppose the Board will do when they realize they have not properly planned financially for unforeseen emergencies or events?

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When they realize that this plan costs twice as much as anyone anticipated or expected?... After all, even Dr. Latwis admitted you cannot predict the future.

How do you think the community will respond when they inform them that taxes will increase to make up for the differences in cost that were not initially accounted for?

How do you think this will affect seniors on fixed incomes? Many who already struggle with the decision on what medications they can afford each month?

How do you think this will affect the moral and performance of our children when programs such as drama club or the soccer team must be cut because “there just isn’t any money in the budget”?

How do you think the parents who have already been made feel inconsequential in the education of their own children by the current sitting board will react?

I am not even getting into how this plan does not provide our children with the safe, stable and secure environment they need to learn. Or, how this plan is going to have a negative impact on many children who are already emotionally and psychologically fragile.

Why must Board members feel the need to come to Facebook and state that their goal is not re-election? ...that they have nothing but the best interest of our children in mind and then, insult everyone who disagrees with him and other Board members who support this plan?

Why is this Superintendent hell-bent on reconfiguration over redistricting?

Despite all their attempts to convince people with their slanted and flawed study... reconfiguration is going to fail.

This plan will no doubt effect every member of this community and our children are going to be the ones who suffer the most.

Submitted by,

Tracy Sutton