Editor’s Note: The following letter was written in response to a letter written by Michael Hickey. Although Mr, Hickey is the president of the BOE, he wrote his note as a parent and Barnegat citizen. The author of this Letter to the Editor describes himself as a former member of the Barnegat Board of Education.

To the Editor:

I would first like to thank Mr. Hickey for not only his opinions and thoughts – but also his service to our country. Servicemen and women like you are the very reasons we have the freedom to express however we wish.

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Although I understand that you did not write your letter on behalf of the Board of Education, I must offer my opinion.  I think you lack serious leadership in your role as president. The reason I say this is a true leader in this specific arena should be working diligently to bring the entire board together as a team. This is particularly true when it comes down to supporting an agenda item of such magnitude as the school reorganization.

In all fairness, it may be that you do lack school board membership experience.  Let’s face it, you are very new to this. Yes, I am well aware that you have other great assets that are important in serving the BOE.

However, to say the naysayers, “DO NOT have your children’s best interests at heart.” This is very wrong and proves my previous statement- POOR LEADERSHIP!

As far as I am concerned, the individuals who just came on the board have more courage than you.  They ran on a very strong truthful platform and are not puppets of the past president just voted out.

I am part a very large majority who do not like what I consider the superintendent’s pompous attitude. Since day one, I have not liked the way Dr. Latwis does things or the manner in which he speaks to the truly invested people of the community.

You have your right to fully support who you wish.  Let me remind you that as the board president, you are supposed to lead the entire team.  You are supposed to provide them with all the tools needed to make a thorough and educated supportive vote as a whole!  Have you done so?

From all appearances, you failed to give all of the board members the tools, as well as the foundation and knowledge to fight against what they perceive as wrong for Barnegat students. You left the newer board members out there to search for their own answers; you left them out there to be wounded.

You, as the Board of Education president, have abandoned your newest platoon members. You failed them, just as you are failing by the day the very people who elected you!

We can go on for days. Once again, thank you for your input thank you for your thoughts but what makes this world go round, is we all have different opinions, and we have the freedom to express them however we wish.


Rafael Adorno

Former Barnegat BOE member