Editor's Note: The author of this letter advised us that the previous version of correspondence containing these comments was not the one intended for publication. Please see this update.

To the Editor:

I have been following what both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Barnegat have said about proposed changes to our school curriculum.  The Mayor’s comments are a flagrant abuse of his power as a public figure. However I  was in complete shock when I read Mr. Novak's letter to the editor!

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There was no “disagreement” about slavery or a woman’s right to vote! Slaves were not free to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They were too busy being counted with livestock; they were captured and sold like exotic animals! They had NO SAY! 

Women did not have any “disagreement”, regarding their right to vote- they weren’t even considered! They were the property of their fathers, brothers or husbands though they had it better than the slaves did! “That goes without saying”. 

I suspect Mr. Novak lacks understanding as he has never been an African American nor a woman. 

This entire issue is ludicrous! 

The facts are the facts and the history books have literally whitewashed the truth for decades! 

The LGBTQ mandatory education is not “Teaching the children” how to be gay! It’s simply recognizing that certain people in history were! 

Just as surely as we know George Washington married Martha, and served his country etc, is it that difficult to accept that Sally Ride was the first woman in space AND a lesbian? 

Denying history makes no sense.

It’s not about teaching morality it’s about teaching the entire story. 

We are a diverse country. Ignoring 5% of the population is ignorant. Mr. Novak and Mr. Cirulli represent ALL of their constituents. 

Time to face the facts gents-the closet is open and your ignorance nor your arrogance is not going to close it!

Love thy neighbor!

P. Clark, Barnegat Resident